Stop Letting Fear Keep You From Following Your Dreams

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Having dreams is the easy part. You know exactly what you want in life and you might even know what it’ll take to actually get you there. The problem is when you’re face-to-face with fear and unable to tackle it head-on.

The worst thing you can do is not face your fear at all. Not only might you feel disappointed in yourself later, but you’ll also be slowing or even completely stopping your progress in life. It’s time to stop letting fear keep you from…

Going Back to School

According to the National Student Clearinghouse, about 36 million Americans dropped out of college before earning a degree. But as the years continue to pass, you might assume that you’re too old to go back to school or that it might be a waste of money.

Yet, making your return to college or even earning a certificate in your field can greatly expand your knowledge base and boost your income. If you feel going back to school full-time is too much of a time or financial commitment, then enroll in one or two courses at first.

Changing Your Career Path

Some studies suggest that up to 85% of people are unhappy at their current place of employment. But the idea of quitting your job and finding another or completely changing your career path can be scary. Not only will you give up job security, but you might also return to the bottom of the payscale in a new field.

The most important thing you can do is choose a career path that makes you happy and makes you feel like a productive member of society. If you’re unsure if you’re ready to make the leap and such a big change, volunteer or get a part-time job in the field to try it out first.

Starting a Family

Most people have some sort of dream of beginning a serious relationship, settling down, and eventually expanding their family. But each of these things can be extremely stressful and fear-inducing for the average person. You might be afraid of hurting those you care about, making a mistake, or even having other people completely reliant on you.

You have to understand that it takes time to learn new things and you won’t ever be 100% perfect in a relationship or as a parent. Nobody is ever completely ready for such a big change. If you’re still feeling doubtful, talk to your partner and create a game plan together.

Moving to a New Home

Living in your hometown or even with your parents often comes with a sense of comfort. Not only are you probably saving money on the cost of living, but you also have emotional support at your fingertips 24/7. Moving away and living on your own might be terrifying to even think about.

Yet, doing so will allow you to thrive as an individual and finally learn to rely on you and you alone. You can also use this experience to broaden your horizons and meet new people. If you’re afraid of being apart from those you care about, remember communication is easier than ever thanks to technology and cell phones.

Final Thoughts

You have to realize that nothing in life will go perfectly every time. But you also have to remember that everything worth having is worth working for. You’ll never be able to live the life of your dreams if you’re always letting fear get in the way. As long as you’re making well-informed decisions, facing your fears directly will only improve your quality of life.

Last but not least, the audio version…

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