Senior Activities That Can Be Done On A Daily Basis

Sadly, senior citizens and younger generations frequently ignore one another.

Many people think that seniors have such a lower activity tolerance and that they’re no longer mentally active so they won’t require as much stimulation. The truth of the matter is that these folks are always in search of attention and activities.

Here are ways that you can help.

Start The Day The Right Way

It’s not unusual for seniors to wake up earlier as they require less sleep as they age. Typically, seniors will sleep anywhere Senior Breakfastfrom 4 hours per night to 6 hours per night. It’s not at all unusual for them to wake up at 5:00 am to 7:00 am on a typical morning. It’s great to give them a nice hearty breakfast when they wake up. Greet them and offer them a nice hearty breakfast at a table that has already been set. A nice menu would be oatmeal, a piece of fruit such as an orange or apple, some juice, coffee and a tall glass of water. While they’re enjoying their breakfast you could go over a daily routine or itinerary of what they can do that particular day. This will give them time to prepare for their day.

You can also assist them in preparing for their daily activities by helping them to shower, dress, do their daily routine of self-care. Many prefer to do this all on their own so if need be, you can just hand them what they require such as the brush, a face cloth, a towel etc. Allowing them to do things on their own will help to foster their independence.

Physical Activity

Senior ActivityIt’s important to start the day with physical activity as well. Many of the activities that you can help them with include golfing, walking to a nearby shopping center, yoga, swimming, weight training and other simple things that they are still capable of doing. These sessions should last 20 minutes to 40 minutes even if they think that they can last longer.

Make sure that they’re taking the proper time to warm up. This should be anywhere for 5 to 10 minutes and it should include some stretching and cardiovascular exercise. They should also cool down by doing some more stretches and flexing. Always make sure that you have a bottle of water with you and help them to stay hydrated while they’re exercising. Seniors often become dehydrated more quickly than others. On hot days you may wish to have 2 water bottles with you. If they have any pain during exercise stop immediately and find out where they hurt and if possible, why they hurt.

Buying Them Toys

Seniors are often the kind of people who wish to hold on to their possessions to help relieve boredom and to remember the Senior Toys“good ol’ days”. Make sure that you find things that will help them to remain mentally alert and focus on handcrafts such as sewing, drawing, canvass art and the like. Take them shopping and let them help you pick out things for them to do. This will help keep them busy. You can ask them what things they used to enjoy doing when they were younger and help them to find things that they can still enjoy.


senior safetyAlways make sure that seniors are safe during their activities. If the weather is too hot, set up an umbrella for some shade and offer them a hat and sunglasses. In colder weather, if they are outside make sure that they have gloves, a coat, and some boots. Protect them from all dangers including stairs, sports that may be too rough and cooking. Stand next to them to assist them as required.



This is something we all should take into account.


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