Self-Sabotaging Thoughts That Hinder Happiness

hinder happinessThere are many times that people go through times where they can’t seem to get their thoughts to line up with their intentions. When this happens, it can hinder happiness. These thoughts can get in the way and prevent a person from their full potential or happiness. Instead, they will focus on only the negative and what is missing in their life. Learning to focus on the positive will go far in helping these people to turn things around.

Here are some thoughts that can permeate a person’s mind:

I Don’t Like Others:

Introverts are especially prone to this thought pattern. They may focus on how many other people will be at a specific event before they decide whether or not they will attend. Deciding on whether or not to go somewhere can be their main focus instead of whether or not they would enjoy the event. It’s important to keep in mind that you can still enjoy events as long as you’re setting boundaries. It’s okay to be yourself.

I Am Too:

When thoughts start with this phrase it can get you into trouble. Many worry about things that no one is thinking or seeing. They worry that people may be staring at them or talking about them and they focus on their imperfections. A good example is that a person may say, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m too stupid” when in fact, the person is brilliant. It’s important to set up the right steps to focus on the positive.

I’ll Do That When…:

We’re all guilty of this one. Regardless of our level of happiness, we tend to say we’ll do something and then procrastinate. It may be “I’ll go back to school when…” or “I’ll get the dishes done….” and then we don’t do it. Unless you set a date, you’re likely not going to get it done anytime soon (well, okay, maybe the dishes will get done but not today). Don’t let the “I’ll do that when…” mentality sabotage your happiness. Set up a step-by-step plan and get it done.

I Can’t Do That Because…”:

Again, we’ve all said this at one time in life or another. “I can’t understand math so I can’t do it” or “I can’t cook”. The truth is, no one can do these things until they learn how and since not everyone learns in the same fashion it can be very frustrating to learn how to do things. Given time, patience, and the right teacher, everyone can learn how to do these things.

Saying I Should…:

We are all guilty of this one as well. “I should have gone to college” or “I should have bought that car” or some other such statement. Don’t set yourself up for failure by focusing on what you should have done.

In The Past…:

Focusing on the past and dwelling on what you’ve done wrong are sabotaging in and of themselves. It’s okay to use the past as a lesson, but don’t let it be the main focus. Each and every day is a new day that you can begin. You’re in charge of you and yourself and you can start fresh each and every day without having to focus on the bad.

In The Future…:

Live in the now. Don’t stress over the future. Don’t stress over the past. Focus on today and today only, we’re only promised one day at a time. Tomorrow will be here soon enough to worry about.

If I Was More…:

You’re a unique individual. Stop comparing yourself to others. You can observe what others have accomplished but don’t stress over it. You’ve accomplished great things as well. Keep in mind that you are on a different path in life than others are.

Stop focusing on negativity.

Turn your mind back to positive thoughts.

Keep in mind that there are going to be negative things in life but you will want to find the positives and focus on those as much as possible.

This will give you great comfort.

You should be getting a good idea about finding your happiness.


Rich Jablonski






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