Are These Our Golden Years?

Hi, I was sitting here and this thought just struck me.

I’m a senior citizen of 4 score years.Golden Years

I’ve had a chance to make many observations over those years, maybe not in the first few, but as I grew older.

Golden Years Myth

As we are growing up and are impatient to do the things we want, we learn we need money to do what we want. We need money to do just about anything.

We’re told we have to work to make that money and will have to save it for our ‘Golden Years‘.

Our ‘Golden Years’, that’s the time that will come in the distant future, when we can really get to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

The years can either help you or work against you. We all have different circumstances that dictate how we’ll windup in those future years.

Golden Years Health

Our health is a very important part those years. Some of us will be in different states of health.

Golden YearsSome of us will be in good health and very active, some will be moderately healthy, others will be in varying states of poor health.

If you’re in the good health category, you’ll be better able to take advantage of all the work you did and can now enjoy the rest of your ‘Golden Years’.

If you’re in that moderately healthy group, you can still enjoy most of any activities you want to take part in for those waning years,

And last but not least, those of us who have not been fortunate enough to remain in good health will definitely not enjoy the so-called ‘Golden Years’.

(There are senior activities that you can try in those later years that could make life a little better regardless of your health.) 

Golden Years Cost

Did you heed the advice about saving for those your retirement?

golden yearsWe make our choices based on our circumstances as we’re growing older. These circumstances determine how we decide to save for that future.

  • Some of us will salt as much money away as possible during our working life.
  • Some will save what they can considering their situation,
  • Some of us will not have enough money to save.

Our ‘Golden Years’ all depend on circumstances that occur as we progress through our lives. Some of us will get to enjoy the years we have left to us and should be thankful for what we have.

A Closing Thought

You never know what hand fate will deal us. Things you never thought would happen to you can happen. I’m just golden yearssaying that if you wait for those ‘Golden Years‘, it may be too late to enjoy them. Think about enjoying life as you live it. Take the time to plan things you would like to do and do them while you still can.

Well those are some of the things this old codger thinks about when he has nothing more important to do.

Live your life to the fullest and don’t wait for those ‘Golden Years’.



Rich Jablonski






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