The Pursuit Of Happiness May Start In Your Mind,

But It’s Not Just About Positive Thoughts!

The dictionary tells us that the pursuit of happiness is the ‘state of being happy’.happiness

However, this does not tell us much about what the state of happiness actually is.

Let’s look at various things that happiness can be, however,

in truth, we will see that happiness is more related to the mind of the beholder.

When Needs Are Met –

When a person’s needs are being met on all levels they tend to be happy.

However, this does not mean that a happy person is not struggling in some way.

Rather it means that they are using what they have to fulfill their needs.

Satisfaction Is Felt –

A happy person tends to feel satisfied with life.

When they contemplate their life it gives them a feel-good factor.

This person sees all the good things in their lie, regardless of their actual situation and feels satisfied with what they see.

Contentment Is Felt –

Happy people tend to have a feeling of contentment towards their life.

Their health, their job, the things they have – there is nothing that is causing them significant stress, but rather everything gives them a feeling of contentment.

However, happy people still do have stress, they are just able to feel content despite it.

You have Inner Peace –

Happy people tend to have a feeling of peace towards their family and their life as a whole.

In general, they have a feeling that negatives will become positives in the end.

How You Define Happiness –

In reality, happiness for you is the way that you define it.

    • It isn’t related to having a whole lot of possessions.
    • It isn’t about finding the ideal partner unless that is something you are very much seeking.
    • It’s not about becoming a parent unless that is a need you strongly feel.

How happiness is defined in your life is your choice.

Happiness Is A Journey –

Happiness is not the end destination that you will reach one day.

Rather it’s a journey that goes through many highs and lows throughout your life.

However, despite all of the ups and down you have a good feeling about life.

‘Parenthood’, a movie released in 1989, had a mother as the main character who despite her struggles referred to life as a rollercoaster that she loved, while her husband, who constantly focused on the negatives did not have the same love of life.

It’s All About Your Actions –

Happy people tend to act more positively.

It means that you eat better, you get up and move around more, you think in a different way.

If this doesn’t sound like you, don’t worry; you have the power to be happy regardless of what is happening in your life right now.

The pursuit of happiness is not just about thinking a few positive thoughts.

It means your needs are met, but it doesn’t mean you have everything,

rather you are satisfied with the things you have and can work towards the things you want.

Certainly, happiness involves more than thinking positive thoughts, however, it does have its beginning in your thoughts.

That being said, the pursuit of happiness will be seen in your actions.

I hope you can use some of this information to help you achieve happiness.

Thanks for listening,


Rich Jablonski






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