Hello out there!

I’ve been busy working on some new things I’ve wanted to do for a while now. After many years of writing articles, I finally started to create low-content books.

positive thinkerWhile creating these low-content books, I have gotten into coloring books and different kinds of puzzles.

Its been a real learning experience. not only producing the products but getting them into publication.

I’ve produced 4 low content books and 4 children’s activity books. publishing them on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords and Etsy.

This is what has been taking up my time.

Writing articles for my different blogs have been neglected. I’ve gotten to a point in the process of producing these publications where I carved out some time to get back to writing some articles to publish on my blogs.

I have been looking for a video creator that can be used to create some visual articles, as well as being able to create audio products to offer a variety of different methods of access for everyone to enjoy.

Actually learning about the different platforms is a little more involved than I expected.

The difference between the Amazon Kindle and Smashwords formats is really a challenge.

When using Smashwords, you have to use Word .doc as opposed to Word .docx. The reason for that according to Smashwords it makes it easier to convert the ebooks to the variety of formats the Smashwords distributes to.

Publishing on Etsy is much easier, because so far I haven’t done any print-on-demand publishing. Print on demand on Esty requiers you to use platforms like Printful to fulfill your orders. Kindle has the print-on-demand features built in.

That’s my next challenge for Print-on-demand products, not only on Amazon Kindle but, Etsy also possibly Lulu and Barnes and Nobel.

Well, That’s what’s been happening on my end. I’m hoping to get back to writing articles for my blogs soon.

Thanks for your interest.








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