Hello World!

That’s usually the first thing you see on your wordpress website when you start blogging.Blog

I’m going to change up a bit on that.

When I first decided to create an online blogging presence, I didn’t have a clue about how to go about it. I started out with a bunch of confusing information from a bunch of marketing gurus and I’ve been looking for the rightway to do it ever since.

It’s great that (over the past 8 years) sites like wordpress.com have improved the blogging education that beginners have at thier disposal.

I recieved an email from wordpress.com about the different free courses they offer and have decided to try “Learning the Fundamentals” of blogging.

I’m in the first day of the course and they have me writing a blog post.

How about that!

Throw you to the wolves right out of the starting gate.

I’m blogging on my site to deliver some information for seniors about things that may interest them. Hopefully this information may be useful to them, as a senior citizen myself I found things that have fit that bill myself.

This is going to be short today but, the aim of this blog is to keep expanding information for anyone who is interested and wants to follow me.

Keep in touch, check out my next post on this subject.

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