Happiness Can Significantly Improve Your Health

Happiness is a very important component of living a healthy life.Happiness

It has been indicated by many studies that happiness plays an essential role in good health. Whether it is reducing your level of chronic pain or leading a healthy lifestyle – happiness is an effective solution to many health issues.

Promotes Healthy Living

Studies report that happier individuals are almost twice as likely to consume more fresh vegetables compared to people who state they are unhappy.

Eating more produce improves your health automatically compared to eating a diet where high amounts of processed foods are consumed.

Provides Energy

You have a tendency to have more energy when you eat better. It might be hard to imagine but being sad or negative can drain you of energy, whereas being happy can provide you with more energy and good health.

Boosts Immunity

Feeling happy, moving more, and eating better also can increase your ability to be able to fight off disease and illness since it helps to improve your immunity.

It was shown in a study that people who report being happy have a tendency to be able to fight illness off more quickly compared to people reporting sadness.

They gave individuals a cold virus, and happy individuals were three times less likely to develop the cold.

Reduces Stress

If you are a happy person, there will be a lot less that will keep you awake at night and not as much to worry about, so you will end up having less stress. It goes even farther than that since happy individuals have a tendency to report lower levels of stress when faced with something stressful.

Happiness provides you with less stress, so you, therefore, will experience low amounts of stress.

Protects Cardiovascular Health

Since you are moving more and eating better due to being happy, that also helps to protect your cardiovascular health as well.

You will be less likely to suffer a stroke, heart attack or other problems that relate to your cardiovascular system and heart health.

Increases Longevity

Since you are exercising more, eating right, and feel really good about your life, most likely you will live longer.

One long term study tracked the lives of 32,000 individuals to find out which ones would live longer, the people who reported being less happy, or the people who reported being happy.

It isn’t too surprising that the people who said they were happy had a tendency to live 14 percent longer than the less happy people.

Diminishes Pain

Individuals with chronic pain have every right to feel sad or mad about it. However, individuals who report that they are happy have a tendency to be able to deal better with chronic pain (and other illness) than those who weren’t happy, to begin with.

Whenever you are happy,…

…you are more likely to move, drink enough water, and eat right.

It is mainly because you have an increased level of energy for doing active things.

So if you are having a hard time maintaining your happiness, discover how easily you can change your mindset.

Happiness doesn’t have anything to do with your situation but is all about how you decide to respond to them.

I hope this article will help someone live a happier life.


Rich Jablonski





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