How To Define Your Dreams And Goals

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Everybody has dreams and goals. Maybe you want to eventually buy your own home or even move across the country. Perhaps you just want to adopt a puppy and start a family within the next few years.

The most important thing you can do is to “define” your dreams and goals. That means actually figuring out what they are, thinking about what you can do to reach them, and then making the effort to turn your dreams into reality. Let’s talk about how you can do that.

Think About What You Want



The first thing you need to do when you define your dreams is to figure out what you truly want in life. You don’t have to get too specific just yet, but it’s a good idea to jot down any ideas that you can think of. Consider the places you want to go, the things you want to do, and every little thing you’d like to accomplish. You can keep this list on a sheet of notebook paper or you can always have it on hand by creating a note on your smartphone.

Be Specific



The more specific you are with your dreams and goals, the easier it is to envision them actually coming true. For example, maybe you have a dream of one day owning a car. Technically, any vehicle with four wheels, whether that’s an old beater or a fancy sports car, is considered a “car.” In this situation, you would want to identify the specific type of car you want. This gives you more to work with when it comes to making a game plan to reach your goals.

Set a Timeline



Part of defining your goals and dreams is actually planning out when you want to reach them. Some goals can easily be accomplished with a little hard work in just a few short weeks. Others might be a lifetime goal that you eventually hope to reach. The more realistic you are with your timeline, the more likely you are to make progress toward your goal without giving up. Think about how long each dream will take to reach and give yourself adequate time.

Create an Action Plan

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Just having a dream or a goal, in general, is definitely a great start in making changes in your life. The problem is that you’ll never reach them unless you’re actively making the effort. The first step always seems to be the hardest. When it comes to more complex goals, layout exactly how you plan to reach them. For example, if you’re working a minimum wage job right now and plan to buy a house, what do you have to do in between to make that happen?

Make Changes as You Go



Nobody said that your goals and dreams have to stay the same forever. You might come close to your goal or experience a life-changing event and come to realize that you actually want something else. It’s okay to leave certain dreams and goals behind once they no longer interest you. You can also make slight changes to what your dreams are (maybe a different style of house) or change the timeline you assigned (perhaps adding a few months or years).

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

You’ll never reach or accomplish your dreams if you can’t even figure out what you want in life. There’s a lot of planning that goes into actually making your dreams a reality. It’s a good idea to put time into planning out your future and figuring out how you can get from point A to point B with a little hard work.

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