Commitment 101

being committedWhen you think of the word “commitment,” what comes to mind?

What emotions, actions, and habits do you associate with someone who is committed?

And what are the things that you think you should commit to in your own life?

Let’s look at the basics of commitment and see how you can apply this critical skill to your own life.

What is Commitment?

A commitment is essentially any obligation that you take on or fulfill of your own free will.

A commitment is a promise that you make, and it can be to yourself, to someone else, or in service to a goal or mission.

Pledges can be personal, professional, or organizational.

In your life, you likely have several commitments that you honor.

If you ask successful people what some of the core traits or skills are necessary to achieve prominent levels of success, they will undoubtedly include a commitment on their list.

Being committed means that you honor your promises. That you work hard to fulfill your obligations, and that you have integrity when it comes to following through with what you said you would do.

Being committed to something usually requires a firm intention as well as focus.

Understanding the purpose of your commitment (why is this important to me?) as well as having a plan for honoring it.

  • How exactly will I realize this goal?
  • Can it help you to accomplish your objective and fulfill your commitment?
  • What are some examples of commitments you might have?

You may be committed to developing a healthy lifestyle, to your relationship with your partner, to the success of your business or job. You may have also committed to the health and safety of your children, or caring for your parents or older family members.

Every day, you must believe in these choices and perform actions that are congruent with your desire to realize this goal.

Why Commitments Are Sometimes Hard to Honor

It is quite easy to say, “I am committed to making my marriage work,” but statistics would prove that over half of couples have a tough time doing just that.

Every year, tens of millions of people make New Year’s resolutions is a commitment to improving their health or lifestyle, and yet most of these are broken by March.

What is it so hard to stay true to a commitment?

The reality is that committing to something is not just believing in the outcome.

A commitment that works is one that you make to the process as well as the product.

That is, you must be committed to the work that it is going to take to realize the goal, not just crossing the finish line.

I can be committed to running a marathon, but if I do not get out and run regularly, I am only committed to the IDEA of running a marathon.

Not what it actually takes to do this.

Whatever you commit to in your life, you must evaluate what it is going to take to get you there and be willing to promise that you will honor every step that is necessary to reach your objective.

Genuine commitment is being able to devote the time and energy to the work of accomplishing the goal rather than just giving lip service to the idealized outcomes we seek.

How to Make Better Commitments

Instead of committing to the momentary bit of time that represents the accomplishment of the goal, you must instead make a promise to the daily work that is needed to get you there.

Being committed to the process means that the outcome will happen, no matter what you have promised.

Committing to the result only is setting yourself up to fail.

What will you commit to your life today?

To your continued success,


Rich Jablonski






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