Creating Bucket Lists

create bucket listsBucket lists are a thing we need to help us attain the things we really want.

As children, we all had massive dreams.

Some of us wanted to be astronauts while others wanted to be firemen. By the time we were teenagers, we began experimenting with crazy ideas. We thought about skydiving, swimming with sharks, and even jetting across the country.

Once adulthood struck and began setting in, there was a shift in focus.

Then, our only concerns were maintaining a 40-hour workweek, paying the bills on time, and starting families.

But we don’t have let go of our lifelong dreams – we can make bucket lists!

What are Bucket Lists?

Bucket lists can be whatever you want them to be.

For most people, it’s simply a list of things you want to do, places you want to go, and even emotions you want to feel before you die.

You can include as many activities and goals as you want.

You can add and remove list items as you have new ideas or limitations that are put in place.

You can even put a timeline on certain items on your list.

Just remember that a bucket list doesn’t make sense if you’re not even attempting to cross items off here and there.

Accomplishing your dreams takes action and initiative!

What to Include in Bucket Listsbucket list to do

A lot of people assume that bucket lists are loaded with things completely out of the ordinary.

That’s why a good amount of bucket lists have crazy activities like skydiving, flying a plane, visiting every country, or even netting $1,000,000.

You can add these things to your list, but you don’t have to!

Let’s talk about what types of things you might want to add to your bucket list.

Childhood Dreams

If you still think about your childhood dreams and “what could’ve been,” then you might want to think about adding them to your bucket list.

Now, it might be a little late to attend a space program and walk on Mars. But there are some childhood dreams worth adding to your list.

These include….

● Getting a pet (dog, cat, bird, reptile, anything really!)
● Going on a roller coaster, boat, or even an airplane
● Taking a ride in a sports carThe items on your bucket list don’t always have to be “fun.”

They can also be a great source of motivation when it comes to finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

There’s also the benefit of becoming financially-stable as a result.

Financial & Career Dreams

These include….

● Buying or building a house
● Earning your first $1,000,000
● Going to college and getting a degree
● Getting a promotion or a coveted career title

More Wild Ideas

What’s considered wild and crazy to you might be completely different from somebody else.

That’s why you don’t have to add something absolutely crazy to your bucket list to make it worth doing.

But try to add at least one or two things that are a bit out of your comfort zone.

These include….

● Rock climbing inside, outside, free climbing, etc.on my bucket list
● Visiting other countries
● Skydiving, flying in a plane, or base jumping
● Running a marathon or doing a triathlon
● Saving a life


Final Thoughts

The last thing you want to do near the end of your life is regret not doing certain things.

And you definitely don’t want to look back realizing it’s far too late to do others.

Bucket lists are a great way to achieve the things you’ve always dreamt about.

Just be sure that you’re being at least somewhat realistic about what you’d like to do and then make some effort to actually get them done.

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