Five Tips To Become More Motivated

decisionsSome mornings, we roll out of bed with enthusiasm, ready to tackle whatever comes our way. Other mornings, the snooze button gets a workout since we hit it over and over again. After crawling out of bed late and getting stuck in line waiting for a cup of coffee, we show up late for work, getting off to a bad start at the beginning of the day. Motivation is the one thing responsible for creating these two different experiences.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways that you can become more motivated. Anytime you feel sluggish or uninspired, try using these tips to increase your motivation.

Practice Self-Care

If you aren’t taking good care of yourself, it is only natural for your energy levels to falter. To feel more alert, energized, and become

more motivated, make sure you are getting plenty of sleep, eating a healthy diet, and staying hydrated. To get the best results, make all of these healthy habits part of your everyday routine.

Getting in the habit of living a healthier life requires commitment. That means purchasing healthy food at the grocery store, sticking with a consistent bedtime, and possibly even tracking the amount of water you drink each day.

If you are consistent for a couple of weeks, these practices will begin to become habitual, meaning that you won’t even need to think about them anymore. Instead, you will automatically choose healthy snacks or drink a glass of water when you are thirsty. You may even find that your attraction to junk food begins to wane.

Visualize What You Are Working For

One of the best ways to get motivated is by imagining yourself achieving your goals. If you don’t have any goals to work toward, you may find yourself feeling depressed and adrift. Even if you do have goals, it is hard to stay motivated if they feel too big or impossible to achieve.

One way you can overcome this problem is by visualizing your goals as if you have already reached them. Close your eyes and imagine yourself behind the wheel of your new car or walking to work on your first day in your dream position. Picture yourself unlocking the door to your brand-new home. Anytime you are feeling unmotivated, use these types of visualizations to get re-inspired.

Become Your Own Motivational Speaker

Forbes recently published an article discussing how becoming more optimistic starts by identifying times when you are being pessimistic. Once you start to notice pessimism in your life, it is much easier to counteract it, choosing positivity instead.

Anytime you get mired in negative thoughts, give yourself a pep talk. Gently remind yourself of what you are trying to achieve and acknowledge that you have the skills and ambition necessary to reach your goals.

If you aren’t good at speaking positively to yourself, try looking for supportive friends or family members who can give you the encouragement that you need. If you are still having trouble, consider using a reward system: whenever you accomplish a task you have been putting off, you get some kind of a small reward.

Tackle Your Fears Head-On

If you don’t face your fears, they will begin to rule your life. Oftentimes, problems with motivation come from a place of fear. You might be afraid to fail or, as strange as it may sound, afraid to succeed. The more frequently you tackle your fears head-on, the easier it will be for you to overcome them.

Fear will never fully go away. Instead, it is about learning how to manage it. It doesn’t have to drain your energy levels or leave you feeling unmotivated. Instead, view it as a sign that you are pushing yourself to do things that will help you move in the right direction.

Adopt A Mantra

Most people think about monks when they imagine mantras. However, having positive mantras can make a big difference for anyone. Come up with an uplifting phrase that you can repeat to yourself anytime you are struggling.

Examples include “I can do this.” or “I will succeed.” If you are religious, you can also turn to prayer.

The key is to use the power of your mind to help motivate you toward accomplishing your goals.

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