How You Can Achieve Your Goals Quickly


goalsIf you’re like most people,…

…you have life goals that you want to achieve.

However, you should ask yourself, what are the chances that you’ll actually succeed and achieve them? Exactly what is in the way of you learning a new language, going on a trip around the world, finally losing those last few pounds, training and competing in a marathon, etc? In this article, we will look at a formula that will help you to achieve your goals in five steps and even do so in only 100 days.

1. Be SMART about your goals

This basically means that you need to get very focused and determine exactly what are your goals, which means ensuring they are SMART.

goal plan For example, you should have goals that are very specific, detailed and highly defined. You should also ensure that your goals are easily measurable and tangible. For example, if your goal is to write a novel of 80,000 words, then within this goal, you should aim to write at least 2,000 words per day.

Additionally, your goals need to be actually attainable and not impossible. In order to determine if they are possible, you should think about your goal and see if you feel excited or overwhelmed. If you feel overwhelmed, then the goal may be unattainable. Next, the goal needs to be relevant. This means you should have goals that are your own and not those of someone else. These goals should improve your life and help you to move forward. Lastly, your goals need to have a specific time frame to be completed. In this case, it should be within 100 days or less.

2. Take Little Steps

little stepsIn order to achieve a large goal, you need to keep focused on the small steps and actions that will add up to make your big goal a reality. So, you need to figure out what needs to be done and within what sequence. Then, you will need to do these steps every day or week to make your goal a reality.

3. Keep An Eye On Progress

goal progressTo keep motivation high and ensure your goal is on a good course, you should regularly check your own progress. This will help you to identify problems in the achievement of your goal and make any adjustments as necessary. In order to track progress, you should identify and set various milestones which also includes a reward after each milestone is achieved. This is a great way to have positive feedback and will ensure you keep moving towards achieving your final goal.

4. Be Responsible; Accountable

You should be “accountable” to a friend, family member, mentor or even a coach if you have one. This will help you to keep on course when you have to provide progress reports to these persons.

5. Never Give Up

Never Give UpLastly, you need to personally commit to achieving your goal, no matter what. This means that you can’t give up, even when you have off or bad days. Life happens and there will be curveballs, but no matter what happens, you should always keep on course to achieve your goals.

Final Words

Once you keep the above five-step formula in mind, you will definitely be able to achieve any goal that you set for yourself. The above approach can also help you to break down your goal in manageable pieces and you can achieve anything your heart desires by applying it.

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