Excuses, Why You Fail

Excuses, excuses,excuses!

Here are the most popular:

1. “I’m broke.”
2. “I have a mountain of debt.”
3. “I’ve been ripped off.”
4. “My partner just left me.”
5. “I’m too busy.”
6. “I have to hold down a job.”
7. “I don’t have time.”
8. “I don’t have the experience.”

The internet marketing field
is filled with the corpses of
excuse-riddled wannabes who
have chosen to play the part
of the victim instead of
putting up a good effort to succeed.

If you think you’re struggling
with your life right now?

Join the club.

Every successful person in every
walk of life has had all these problems
and probably more.

The difference is choosing to
become a Champion not the victim.

Champions take responsibility for
their circumstances.

Champions know they can’t always
change what’s around them but they
can always change how they react
to what’s around them.

A Champion may get knocked down
but they always get up again
for as many times as it takes.

A Champion can lose everything they have
at least once but still reach the top.

A Champions recognize failure as
just another essential step
on the way to victory.

Champions do what is needed
to succeed without listening
to the naysayers, the negative nellies
and most importantly,
the self-doubt in their own heads.

Champions take action.

To be a real Champion you need to
create your own product and while creating
your own product from scratch
is the best way, it’s fraught with stress,
costs, lengthy learning curves and uncertainty.

By investing in PLR (Private
Label Rights) you can own your
product in a heartbeat.

It’s the ultimate shortcut to creating
a decent income online.

But finding good quality PLR is like
finding a dragon’s tooth.

So, when I heard my good buddies
Dave Nicholson and Dan Sumner
were “giving away” their complete library
of PLR products for a one-time,
low investment (they usually charge
monthly) I had to tell you about it.

You can make a bunch of excuses or
you can choose to make money.

You can’t make both.

So stick on your handlebar moustache,
don your red jacket, grab that mic stand
and sing along with Freddy because;

“We are the Champions my friend!”

Rich Jablonski

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