Rich & Laverne

Hi! I’m Rich Jablonski, an older person who has been retired from a mid-size construction company.

I suddenly found my income shrinking and had to do something about it.

My income began to shrink and I didn’t want to have to reduce my lifestyle to the same levels as a lot of retirees.

I was looking for something to do that would help me financially, so after checking out some internet marketing opportunities I wound up trying my hand at internet marketing.

That being said,…

…I decided that the network marketing was the way to go, but that didn’t work out well for me.

Over the last few years I’ve been able to learn and improve my internet marketing skills, predominantly my article marketing skills.

I have published articles in various article directories and post to my own blog.

It’s helped me gain the financial freedom I wanted. I felt that if I could do it I could also help people who have either lost their job or are living on a fixed income by leading them to some valuable training and learning tools in the same way I was.

Now I can enjoy the time I have to spend with my family, which has expanded out to 2 granddaughters, 5 grandsons , 3 great grandsons and finally a great granddaughter.

I even get to do some fishing and boating, when I’m not traveling with my wife Laverne (the love of my life).

Hopefully I can pass on some information that can help someone else.