Hi! I’m Rich Jablonski.

I’m a retired senior citizen, along with the love of my life Laverne.

We’ve lived in the same house for the last 55 years, the first year of our marriage we lived in an apartment over on the next street.

Somehow we managed to raise 4 kids here and now hopefully we’ll live out the rest our days in this house.

I would say that our lives were pretty full and satisfying. Our kids are independent and have raised their own families and blessing us with 9 grand-kids and 4 great grand kids.

I like to get out fishing when I can we both like to head out to Amish country and enjoy the sites out there.

Somethings that happen as we grow older show up as health problems. My loving wife was diagnosed as having Parkinson’s but only in the early stage. Thank god we have the drugs to help. I’m in the process of confirming that I have type 2 diabetes. These are the type things that occur as you age but not the type of things that can keep you from living a happy long life.

I’ve started a new website to start offering some information about diabetes and hopefully it will help someone.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for visiting!


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